What to Expect

Investing in a Family lifestyle photography session is exciting. It's not the same old pose, smile, and snap experience you've known for years. Families with young kiddos often find those old school sessions a stressfull event. But fear not, lifestyle photography is built for the chaos of a phrenetic family.

What should you expect then? My sessions are fun, relaxed, and focus on a natural unfolding of events along with some strategic prompting for success.

What to Wear?

We all know its Wisconsin, be prepared for changing weather. Beyond weather, I want you to just be you. Be comfortable and keep to your own style. That being said, there are some helpful hints to aid the family's visual cohesion.

  1. Comfy doesn't mean dress down. Fresh, clean clothes that fit and make you feel good translate well. Espeically for kiddos, find correctly fitted clothes rather than clothes 2-3 sizes too big.

Don't force clothes on the kids you know they won't like. Or clothes you are afraid they will mess up. That won't translate well to a harmonious family scene.

  1. Compliment don't Match. Matching everyone is passe. Add complimentary colors such as:
  2. light Blue, gray & blush.
  3. Warm: brown, orange & burgundy
  4. Denim, brown, cream & plum
  5. A Single color but differing hues, textures and patterns such as navy blue, slate blue, plaid, cable knits.
  6. Steer clear of graphic t-shirts, neons, and loud multi-colorfed patterns. Simple plaids are fine mixed with similarly colored solids.
  7. Freshen up. Make a great impact with new shoes, or adding colorful accesories such as head bands, hats and jewlery. But don't break the "be comfy" and "kid approved" rule.
  8. Dress for action. Keep in mind during the session we will be moving, laying on the ground, picking up kids, walking in fields. Dress in clothes that easily withstand activity & prevent worry of staining. White pants are a risk in outdoor environments except maybe beachside.
  9. Mom gets a new outfit if she wants because its her special day!

If you need examples of clothing Pinterist is a great resource. See below for additional help.